3x Hempseed cheese

Hemp Seed Cheese

3x Hempseed cheese

€ 15.00
This amazing Dutch Hemp cheese is 100% handcrafted using trusted traditional methods on our family farmhouse in rural Holland. This wonderful farmhouse Gouda Hemp cheese is made, using only the milk of our own trusted stock of free roaming, grass fed Dutch cows. We proudly guarantee the quality and safety of all the natural ingredients by hands-on constant improving and always upholding the certified highest standards available for top-notch premium Dutch Cow's milk.

To create the perfect blend of our historical farmhouse cheese with our most recent passion for highly nutritional super foods. We have mixed the best of both worlds giving you our new yet entirely typical Dutch tasty innovation; Dutch Hemp cheese! The natural vitamin content, the complete proteins and the beneficial omega fatty acids alone make it a wonderful addition. Still in the end it is the amazing flavour which makes our already lovely traditional Gouda farmhouse Cheese so very very delicious!

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