Organically grown Hemp seeds, a gift of nature

All-natural hemp seeds are by far the most nutritious seed known in the world. They pack a powerful punch of complete Proteins, unsaturated and essential fats, vitamins and enzymes. And all this beneficial nutrition with relatively little to no saturated fat, starches or sugars. Supporting well-being and a healthy lifestyle in the easiest way and with nature’s smallest of packages, Hemp seeds are truly a gift of nature.

These organically grown seeds, from planting to harvest, to final production right up onto your plate, are entirely made, without the use of any pesticides, additives and absolutely gmo free. This completely naturally grown un-adulterated seed has been cultivated worldwide for hundreds of years to fully benefit from it’s strong fibers and nutritious seeds. The medicinal properties have been reported from China to Europe and have been used over the ages to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Now much more is known and actually researched scientifically to support these age old findings. Now it is clear and proven how the trace minerals, the phytonutrients, the gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and stearidonic acid (SDA) the phytosterols and many more nutrients amongst other benefits help your body fight inflammation, relieve stress, lower LDL and help maintain a well regulated blood sugar level.

Now imagine all of the above and realize not only the potential of adding this wonderfully healthy ingredient to your daily consumption and what it will do for your over all health, but also know that it will leave you full and satisfied, which helps so well with maintaining weight loss and possible diets.

After all this has been said...

We still left out the most important part, because above all the aforementioned amazing benefits, on a simple note and certainly for people who love good food, it so happens to have an exquisite and delicious taste!

Very much like a milder form of pine nut, an aromatic sweet and nutty full bodied flavor, which according to us and thousands of happy customers around the world, goes oh so well with our innovative Farmhouse handcrafted Dutch Hemp cheese!