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Hempseed cheese

This amazing Dutch Hemp cheese is 100% handcrafted using trusted traditional methods on our family farmhouse in rural Holland. This wonderful farmhouse Gouda Hemp cheese is made, using only the milk of our own trusted stock of free roaming, grass fed Dutch cows. We proudly guarantee the quality and safety of all the natural ingredients by hands-on constant improving and always upholding the certified highest standards available for top-notch premium Dutch Cow's milk.

To create the perfect blend of our historical farmhouse cheese with our most recent passion for highly nutritional super foods. We have mixed the best of both worlds giving you our new yet entirely typical Dutch tasty innovation; Dutch Hemp cheese! The natural vitamin content, the complete proteins and the beneficial omega fatty acids alone make it a wonderful addition. Still in the end it is the amazing flavour which makes our already lovely traditional Gouda farmhouse Cheese so very very delicious!

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hempseed cheese
Hempseed cheese
450 g
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  • Premium dutch cow’s milk
  • Superior hempseeds
  • Handcrafted in Holland
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Our artisanal Gouda Cheese with Hemp is made with unpasteurized fresh whole milk creating the characteristic full farmhouse cheese flavor. Both the culture and milk are entirely produced from our own private stock of loved and well cared for cow’s. Mixed in are the amazing super food qualities of certified organically grown Hemp seeds. Making all-natural Dutch Hemp cheese Rich in Omega 3, unsaturated fat’s, a wide range of beneficial vitamins, minerals and the perfect proteins for a healthier lifestyle.

About our cheese

Nutritional value per 100 g% RDA of vitamins and minerals per 100 g *
Energy 1653,55 Kj / 399,25 Kcal
Fat 33,06
Saturated Fat 18,28
mono unsaturated fat 8
poly unsaturated fat 6,78
Omega 9 0,75g
omega 6 4,07g
omega 3 1,7g
carbohydrates 0,6g
Sugar 0,24g
Total Proteine 22,91g
Fiber 1,05g
Salt 1,6g
Retinol Vit A 0,22mg
Thiamin Vit B1 0,03mg
Riboflavin Vit B2 0,17mg
Niacin Vit B3 52,29mg
Pyridoxine Vit B6 0,07mg
Salicylic acid Vit B11 9µg
Cobalamin Vit B12 0,34µg
Ascorbic acid Vit C 0,8mg
Calcitriol Vit D 1µg
Kalium/potassium 218mg
Magnesium 120mg
Phosphor 604,5mg
Copper 0,06mg
Zinc 3,31mg
hemp cheese
Hemp seeds for cheese
Superior Hempseeds
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Organically grown Hemp seeds, a gift of nature

All-natural hemp seeds are by far the most nutritious seed known in the world. They pack a powerful punch of complete Proteins, unsaturated and essential fats, vitamins and enzymes. And all this beneficial nutrition with relatively little to no saturated fat, starches or sugars. Supporting well-being and a healthy lifestyle in the easiest way and with nature’s smallest of packages, Hemp seeds are truly a gift of nature.

These organically grown seeds, from planting to harvest, to final production right up onto your plate, are entirely made, without the use of any pesticides, additives and absolutely gmo free. This completely naturally grown un-adulterated seed has been cultivated worldwide for hundreds of years to fully benefit from it’s strong fibers and nutritious seeds. The medicinal properties have been reported from China to Europe and have been used over the ages to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Now much more is known and actually researched scientifically to support these age old findings. Now it is clear and proven how the trace minerals, the phytonutrients, the gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and stearidonic acid (SDA) the phytosterols and many more nutrients amongst other benefits help your body fight inflammation, relieve stress, lower LDL and help maintain a well regulated blood sugar level.

Now imagine all of the above and realize not only the potential of adding this wonderfully healthy ingredient to your daily consumption and what it will do for your over all health, but also know that it will leave you full and satisfied, which helps so well with maintaining weight loss and possible diets.

After all this has been said...

We still left out the most important part, because above all the aforementioned amazing benefits, on a simple note and certainly for people who love good food, it so happens to have an exquisite and delicious taste!

Very much like a milder form of pine nut, an aromatic sweet and nutty full bodied flavor, which according to us and thousands of happy customers around the world, goes oh so well with our innovative Farmhouse handcrafted Dutch Hemp cheese!

Cheese and wine...
A perfect combination

The happy encounter between the Dutch art of traditional cheese making and the craft of winemaking is a wonderful thing. Artisanal handcrafted Cheese and beautiful wine has, actually, a lot in common. In such a way that careful pairing of the two will subtly enhance each product’s flavors in surprising ways. We recommend combining this delicious Farmhouse Hemp Cheese with a glass of white sparkling wine, dry and slightly fruity. A Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Champagne or Pinot Grigio.
Also a light bodied red Burgundy will be a delight for the palate!

Superior Hempseeds
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